Zhejiang ShiningHub Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang ShiningHub Co., Ltd.

As an importer, retailer, or brand owner of all industry
products in the post-pandemic era, 

we are confronted with

Several Challenges

• A rapidly evolving world

• An unstable supply chain

• Information asymmetry

• Rising travel costs and restrictions

• The closure of companies, both large corporations and SMEs

In response, what steps can we take?

• Restructuring the supply chain

• Innovating the business model

• Implementing supply chain digitalization

How can we ensure survival?

• Embrace novel sourcing strategies

• Reduce costs

• Enhance product quality

• Maximize profits

In summary: Initiate a revolutionary transformation in global sourcing.

What’s the solution?

• An innovative global service provider that aids buyers in thriving and advancing through a revolutionary business model, coupled with a transparent and efficient digitization of the worldwide supply chain.

• This service provider offers buyers comprehensive one-stop services, ranging from sourcing to quality assurance.

Who is TradeAider?

• An innovative global service provider that assists buyers in attaining the objectives of cost reduction, quality enhancement, and margin expansion. This is achieved not only for survival but also for improved growth. This is accomplished through its creative services, including WeSource, WeContract, WeGuarantee, MyQC, among others.

• We take pride in the culmination of significant effort and investment spanning the past 13 years since the establishment of TradeAider in 2010, and spanning the past 25 years since the founding of The Clis Group in 1998. This achievement has enabled us to introduce our novel services for the benefit of our valued customers.

Why TradeAider?

• TradeAider is a subsidiary member of The Clis Group which consists of several manufacturers, trading companies and innovative service provider & aggregator. The Clis Group was founded in 1998 by Justin Chen, starting from a trade company, then extended to manufacturing, and to service provider & aggregator in 2010 when TradeAider was set up.


• As an enterprise driven by visionary goals and missions, TradeAider's core strengths comprise an extensive network of over 80,000  quality control and product development specialists worldwide, a global presence with over ten thousand factories situated across diverse countries and regions – including China, South East Asia, the Indian Subcontinent and Eastern Europe, and digital supply chain management.

• These, coupled with our proficient team of experienced merchandisers who foster seamless communication among buyers, manufacturers, and TradeAider's quality control and product development specialists throughout the production cycle through the assistance of the creative TradeAider App to ensure the efficient courcing of the better products with the lower cost, timely deliveries and product quality.

Total Trade Solutions
Total Trade Solutions

We are privileged to offer our esteemed customers the following innovative and cost-effective solutions


An innovative sourcing service to help buyers to trade directly with the manufacturers and guarantee the product quality.

• Price and quality are the two most critical factors in global trade. The lower the prices are from the manufacturers, the greater the challenge is on the quality control side. It's beneficial to buyers if they trade directly with the manufacturers as there is no middle man cost. However, additional costs then incur as special efforts need to be made by buyers in order to achieve satisfactory communication and service level from the factories, especially on the quality control side. Very often buyers still suffer from the constant quality issues although great efforts have been made. Whoever keeps the balance of saving the middle man cost but in the meantime achieving a satisfactory quality standard for the orders placed with the factories directly will be the winner. 

• TradeAider's WeSource Service help buyers to be that winner.

1. As an independent service provider, TradeAider helps buyers to control the orders they place with their existing factories in any countries in the world and GUARANTEE the quality of the products at a charge of only 1% to 3%, through TradeAider's WeGuarantee service, by the vast network of 80,000 quality control specialists scattered around the factories worldwide and the specially developed digital quality & order control tools. Any quality issues, TradeAider will bear the responsibility jointly with the factories. Therefore it's like in a "Safe Box" for buyers. And all their additional costs mentioned above can be saved.

2. Help finding more competitive factories based on the price, quantity and quality requirements of the orders and recommend them to buyers. This is a toll-free service. Buyers can still choose to work with these factories directly so it's still transparent. In addition to this, TradeAider's professional team will help buyers to liaise and communicate with the factories whenever necessary and requested by buyers concerning any matters, including sampling, pricing, fixing of trade terms, etc.  In this way, TradeAider is not only helping buyers to find the right manufacturers and get as low prices as possible from them, but also helping buyers to control and GUARANTEE the product quality of the orders they place with the manufacturers directly. The clear advantage of this innovative sourcing service over the traditional ways is evident.


An exceptional turnkey contract "sole agent" service in the form of a strategic alliance.

• Although working directly with the factories is one of the good trade options for buyers, especially when TradeAider can help buyers to solve the quality control problem satisfactorily through its WeGuarantee Service. However, we have to realize the fact that the prices from the factories buyers trade directly with may not be the most competitive, as ONLY less than 5% of the factories have the capability to communicate in English and can have chance to trade with buyers directly. Which means more than 95% of the factories are missed out as they are not displayed on the well-known B2B platforms and therefore do not have good chance to have direct business with buyers.

• On the other hand, some buyers still prefer using an agent for their sourcing business. This is due to: a) they have a wide range of different products which need to be produced by many different factories. It can be a too big task for buyers to deal with the many manufacturers directly; b) whichever the way, as long as this way can be effective enough in bringing down the general sourcing cost for buyers and making them competitive enough in the market, that way will be the BEST way. Therefore the market calls for a GOOD agent to provide an all-in exceptional turnkey contract "sole agent" service to meet the needs of these buyers. TradeAider is proud to say that we are exactly the ONE here well prepared to provide our valuable services to the esteemed clients.

• TradeAider is NOT a traditional agent BUT a new style service provider in this post-pandemic era. Through WeContract Service, TradeAider can help buyers achieve the goal of cost reduction, quality enhancement and margin expansion effectively in two ways: a) make the best use of the over 95% factories which do not have chance to have direct business with buyers BUT have good capacity, lower prices, wider product ranges, hard working workers and can also be more cooperative; b) give full play to TradeAider's advantages of the cost-effective vast network of 80,000 quality control and product development specialists worldwide and the efficient digital system of the supply chain management. All these innovative measures not only lead to the internal cost saving within TradeAider but also result in bringing the most competitive products to buyers. In the event of any issues, TradeAider assumes full responsibility.


A revolutionary "Safe Box" quality assurance service to guarantee the product quality for the orders placed in any factories.

• We all know that product quality is the most important thing in global trade apart from the prices. In order to control the quality of their orders buyers have either established their own QC teams in their head offices, or set up QC offices in the production countries, or traded through traditional trading companies. All these have somewhat swallowed the limited profits and made business more and more difficult. Therefore there is an imperative necessity for an effective solution to help solving this most difficult quality assurance problem at extremely low cost and making buyers' sourcing business more reasonably profitable.

• TradeAider is proud to announce that its revolutionary "Safe Box" quality assurance WeGuarantee Service has been specially designed and launched to meet the needs of buyers. As an innovative global service provider, TradeAider helps buyers to control and GUARANTEE the product quality of the orders placed in any factories in the world at a nominal fee of 1% - 3%, which is much cheaper and simpler than if buyers doing it by themselves. In case of any quality concerns, TradeAider will bear the responsibility. Hence buyers are as easy and safe as like in a quality "Safe Box". This approach stands in stark contrast to the traditional third parties inspection service, which only issues an inspection report and DO NOT guarantee anything.

• TradeAider's persistent practice of the innovative business model of sharing economy and the huge investmets over the past 13 years have established its extremely vast, strong and professional network and quality assuarance system consisting of over 80,000 quality control specialists scattered just near the factories worldwide and the specially developed Apps of digital supply chain management & quality control. This has enabled TradeAider to get involed intensively throughout the entire production journey and initiate the quality guarantee work the FIRST day when the orders are placed with the manufacturers directly by buyers. Every aspect of production will be strictly controlled by TradeAider teams and be transparent and continuously monitored in real-time by buyers through the TradeAider App. This monitoring spans the entire production process, safeguarding against any last-minute surprises and ensuring the successful GUARANTEE of the product quality.


A creative quality inspection service which is much cheaper, more efficient and transparent than traditional third parties.

• Traditional third party inspection services have been playing an important role in global trade. However, some shortcomings need to be overcomed in order to meet the higher demand needs of the changing market. The shortcomings are: a) too expensive; b) not efficient enough; c) not transparent; d) more judgement oriented rather than more problem solving oriented. TradeAider takes pride in saying that through the creative MyQC Inspection Services we have remedied the weakness of the traditional inspection services and promoted this industry to a much improved level. So our valued customers can spend less but achieve more.

• Thanks to the revolutionary business model of sharing economy on which an efficient network of over 80,000 professional quality control specialists spread over the world and just near the factories has been established. TradeAider can then greatly reduce the operating costs and make our service charge to a much lower level than that of the traditional third parties. The innovative launch of the half man-day inspection service makes our service charge even lower. The reason why this can be achieved is that a large percent of the overhead costs and transportation costs is saved due to the creative partnership system of the sharing responsibity , assisted by the advanced digital tool of TradeAider's MyQC App. In this way TradeAider has successfully overcomed the above mentioned shortcomings and bring a brand new experience to our esteemed clients.

• Apart from the ample QCs all over the world who can easily go to any factories to conduct inspection services whenever requested, TradeAider's smart MyQC App also plays an important role in the digitalization of the inspection services by bringing transparency, efficiency and professionalism to the inspection industry. This MyQC App can: a) enable TradeAider to effectively manage the over 80,000 Quality Control Specialists across factories worldwide; b) allow buyers to monitor inspections online through MyQC App if they want. Buyers can view photos, videos, and comments from TradeAider QCs on-site, direct their camera focus, and provide instructions in real-time. It's like being inside the factory, even when they're miles away. c) submit inspection reports online,  including all inspection media. Data Safekeeping of official inspection records are blockchained and publicly notarized for legal validity, bringing additional value to TradeAider's exceptional MyQC Inspection Service.

Justin Chen Founder, President & CEO

You are welcome to ask any questions you may have or 

exchange ideas with TradeAider's Founder, Justin Chen

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Business Map
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