Zhejiang ShiningHub Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang ShiningHub Co., Ltd.

As an importer, retailer, or brand owner of apparel 

and textile products in the post-pandemic era, 

we are confronted with

Several Challenges

• A rapidly evolving world

• An unstable supply chain

• Information asymmetry

• Rising travel costs and restrictions

• The closure of companies, both large corporations and SMEs

In response, what steps can we take?

• Restructuring the supply chain

• Innovating the business model

• Implementing supply chain digitalization

How can we ensure survival?

• Embrace novel sourcing strategies

• Reduce costs

• Enhance product quality

• Maximize profits

In summary: Initiate a revolutionary transformation in global sourcing.

What’s the solution?

• An innovative global service provider that aids buyers in thriving and advancing through a revolutionary business model, coupled with a transparent and efficient digitization of the worldwide supply chain.

• This service provider offers buyers comprehensive one-stop services, ranging from being a strategic sole agent under a turnkey contract to providing various individual services such as quality guarantees, sourcingdesignspayments, and retailing in new markets.

Who is TradeAider?

An innovative global service provider that assists buyers in attaining the objectives of cost reduction, quality enhancement, and margin expansion. This is achieved not only for survival but also for improved growth. This is accomplished through its creative services, including WeContract, MyQC, WeGuarantee, WeSource, MyDesign, Sell-in-World, MyShow, WeFinance and NoFake, among others.

Why TradeAider?

· The mission and vision of Justin Chen, the Founder, are founded upon his 30 years of experience in global trade and manufacturing of apparel and textile products, as well as his 13 years of expertise in pioneering revolutionary business models and digitizing the global supply chain.

· There are 80,000 quality controllers located worldwide, spanning regions such as China, South East Asian countries, Indian Subcontinent countries, Europe, North America, Africa, and more. Among these, more than 20,000 are specialized in overseeing apparel and textile products.

· Verifications have been conducted by TradeAider on over 3,000 factories globally, spanning regions such as China, South East Asian countries, Indian Subcontinent countries, Europe, North America, Africa, and more. The number of verified factories is increasing every day.

· The digitalization of the global supply chain is exemplified by the TradeAider App and several other companion Apps.

· A robust team of highly experienced merchandisers collaborates with buyers, manufacturers, and TradeAider Quality Control Specialists throughout the entire production process, utilizing the TradeAider App to ensure the quality of goods.

TradeAider App

We are delighted to present to you the TradeAider App, a groundbreaking innovation in the apparel and textile product sourcing industry

Scan the QR code to Download TradeAider App
Scan the QR code to Download TradeAider App
Justin Chen Founder, President & CEO

You are welcome to ask any questions you may have or 

exchange ideas with TradeAider's Founder, Justin Chen

Total Trade Solutions
Total Trade Solutions

We are privileged to offer our esteemed customers the following innovative and cost-effective solutions

  • This service presents a turnkey contract solution tailored for buyers. By entrusting TradeAider with their general sourcing program, TradeAider, acting as the 'sole agent,' ensures the delivery of goods at the specified prices, meeting quality standards, and adhering to shipment schedules. In the event of any issues, TradeAider assumes full responsibility.

  • The products will be manufactured by the most competitive factories in China, Southeast Asian countries, Indian Subcontinent countries, or Eastern Europe.

  • Thanks to our innovative supply chain digitalization system, every aspect of production will be transparent and continuously monitored in real-time by buyers through the TradeAider App. This monitoring spans the entire production process, safeguarding against any last-minute surprises. This approach stands in stark contrast to the traditional agent business model.

  • We take pride in the culmination of significant effort and investment spanning the past 13 years since the establishment of TradeAider in 2010. This achievement has enabled us to introduce this novel service for the benefit of our valued customers.

  • This service offers quality assurance for buyers' orders that are placed with their existing factories. TradeAider will provide a GUARANTEE on the product quality, amounting to 1% - 3% of the order value. In case of any quality concerns, TradeAider will share the responsibility with the factories.

  • This approach differs significantly from traditional inspection services. TradeAider provides a quality guarantee and assumes the associated responsibility. Whereas the traditional inspection services do not offer this. 

  • A complimentary service designed to aid buyers in locating the most suitable and competitive factories in China, Southeast Asian countries, Indian Subcontinent countries, or Eastern Europe. Subsequently, buyers can independently place orders with the chosen factories. Should buyers require quality assurance or other services, TradeAider will extend its assistance.

  • Within TradeAider's official website lies an extensive, complimentary Manufacturer Database comprising thousands of factories hailing from China, Southeast Asian countries, Indian Subcontinent countries, and Eastern Europe. All the factories featured in the Manufacturer Database have undergone TradeAider's verification process, and the corresponding Audit Reports are accessible. Buyers have the freedom to explore the Manufacturer Database, select factories of interest, and directly initiate contact and order placement with their chosen factories. If assistance in communication is required, TradeAider offers free liaison support.

With access to a vast network of experienced freelance designers worldwide, TradeAider ensures you have the right design expertise at your fingertips.

How it Works

-Specify Your Requirements:
Tell us your product categories, desired designer level, workload, and turnaround time.

-Designer Matching:
TradeAider will search our Designer Database and recommend the most suitable designer(s) for your project.

-Direct Collaboration:
You and the selected designer(s) will negotiate terms and finalize all details directly.

Smooth Collaboration

To ensure a seamless collaboration between you and the designer, TradeAider provides assistance through our merchandisers and monitors progress via our TradeAider App. Payment is released to the designer(s) once the work is satisfactorily completed, ensuring both parties are content. TradeAider charges a nominal fee for this value-added service.
  • TradeAider facilitates the participation of factories in the major globally recognized tradeshows per year, featuring thousands of manufacturers from China, Southeast Asian countries, Indian Subcontinent countries,and Eastern Europe. Each of these tradeshows hosts a dedicated TradeAider Pavilion, showcasing the latest samples from several hundreds factories. Following the conclusion of these 3-4 day tradeshows, all the displayed samples are then transported to the TradeAider showrooms worldwide for an extended exhibition period of 3 months.

  • A QR code tag is affixed to each sample, enabling buyers to access comprehensive factory information (including pricing, contact details, and TradeAider's factory audit reports) by simply scanning the QR code. Buyers can then directly contact the factories of interest and place orders. If assistance is needed in communication, TradeAider offers free liaison support.

  • The first TradeAider showroom was inaugurated in Hamburg, Germany (More Details) , in June 2023, with additional showrooms planned for opening across North America, the Far East, the UK, Eastern Europe, and Africa by the end of 2025. TradeAider's local customer service representatives are available to assist buyers visiting the showrooms in person and can aid in facilitating communication with factories upon request.

  • The MyShow service significantly enhances convenience and efficiency for buyers in discovering reputable factories through readily available samples, thus saving considerable costs and time otherwise spent traveling to these manufacturing sites.


Enhancing Gobal Fashion Brand Management: Expanding into New Markets with Zero Risk

Value-added Service
MyQC Inspection Services
MyQC Inspection Services
An innovative amalgamation of Quality Control (QC) services and digital tools for products of 10 + industries.
WeFinance Service
WeFinance Service
A valuable financial service catering to both suppliers and buyers, aimed at addressing the challenges posed by extended payment terms.
NoFake Service
NoFake Service
An anti-counterfeiting service designed to safeguard your intellectual property rights (IPR).
Business Map
Business Map
3rd party inspection qcs
80,000 +
QCs in the world
3rd party inspection services for major industries
10 +
MyQC inspection service for products of 10 + industries Apparel & Textile / Fashion Accessories / Machinery & Tools / Housewares & Home Decor / Footwear / Furniture / Toys & Children's Products / Sporting Goods / Lighting / Others
Sourcing Clothing Manufacturers
3,000 +
Manufacturers spanning regions such as China, South East Asian countries, Indian Subcontinent countries, Europe, North America, Africa, and more
3rd party inspection companies
30 +
Years of experience in apparel & textile industry
3rd party quality inspection
20,000 +
Global Clients
third party inspection
6 +
Strategic Alliance Partner of China's Top Six Chambers of Commerce for Import and Export
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