Zhejiang ShiningHub Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang ShiningHub Co., Ltd.
Your Smart China Office
  • TradeAider's 70,000 plus quality assurance specialists in China (near the manufacturers) play more than the role of a third party inspection agency, providing you with innovative one-stop trade solutions, including outsourcing of manufacturers (especially in outsourcing apparel manufacturing sourcing), selling goods to China, and quality assurance, etc.

  • A strong team of highly experienced merchandisers liaising with buyers, manufacturers, and TradeAider quality control specialists to ensure product quality throughout the entire process of outsourcing clothing manufacturing.

  • Experienced buyers choose salable styles from branded fashion products and help you sell products in China through TradeAider’s well-established retail platform and networks.

  • A smart order control system called WeGuarantee Worktable provides buyers with complete transparency and efficient monitoring of the entire process of quality assurance.

  • We are all ready to help you through our creative and cost-effective solutions of WeSource, Sell-in-China, WeGuarantee, WeFinance, and Nofake, giving you the most valuable help.

Total Trade Solution
Total Trade Solution
Sell-in-China Help Your Brands Enter The Vast China Market
  • Are you the owner of your brand? Do you want to sell your brand products profitably in the vast Chinese retail market and increase your sales and brand awareness? If the answer is YES, why not join TradeAider's Sell-in-China program? This makes it possible for you to sell in China easily.

  • Now that the quality of the products is GUARANTEED by TradeAider's WeGuarantee Service, meanwhile, TradeAider has well-established online retail platform and networks. Why not take advantage of all these and authorize TradeAider the right to sell in China, easily realizing your long-standing dream of entering the vast Chinese retail market and elevating your brand to a new level of opportunity to increase sales and brand awareness?

  • As a professional third party inspection agency, TradeAider will pay for your products and royalties, and sell products in China at an agreed price. It is an excellent opportunity to expand your brand rapidly in one of the most populous countries in the world, increasing your sales and profits while building brand awareness.

WeGuarantee Guaranteed Quality Assurance
  • Like your extended office in China, TradeAider helps you outsource manufacturers for clothing directly rather than through trade agents, saving your cost by 15% to 25%. In the meantime, the quality of the products is GUARANTEED by WeGuarantee Service which only charges 3% to 5% of the order amount. The 12% to 20% cost savings will be your extra net margin. This is the most obvious benefit of our innovative WeGuarantee service. Therefore, you would never worry about any charge-back claims due to quality issues as you are in a SAFE BOX.

  • There are numerous 3rd party inspection companies to choose. However, what distinguishes TradeAider from others is that TradeAider's WeGuarantee service is not a general third party inspection agency, but a solution provider bearing risks for potential quality issues. Should claims arise from any potential quality issues TradeAider will share the claim amount with the manufacturer and pay an additional 10% to the buyer to express our apology and faith for future cooperation. 

WeSource Help Find the Most Cost-effective Chinese Factories for FREE
  • For buyers, there is always a need for better factories of better quality and newer products with better prices. TradeAider has built a large Manufacturer Database (increasing day by day) of the Chinese clothing companies for outsourcing. All factories displayed in the Database have been strictly audited by TradeAider QA specialists and therefore are comparatively “safe”. Buyers can contact the apparel and textile manufacturers in which they are interested and get quotations and samples, and finally place orders with them directly, saving a considerable cost of 15% to 25% compared to sourcing through a traditional trade agent.

  • If buyers need help during the entire outsourcing apparel manufacturing process with the factories displayed in our Database or want to contact other factories not yet included in the Database, TradeAider's merchandising specialists will be pleased to help out for FREE if requested.

  • Once a suitable manufacturer has been found and orders have been placed directly with the supplier, if the buyer needs any help other than the traditional third-party quality inspection agencies, TradeAider’s WeGuarantee service GUARANTEES that no quality issue will occur, and the buyer may sleep well until you receive the products with sound quality.

About Us
Like your extended office in China, TradeAider provides innovative one-stop trading solutions including Sell-in-China, WeGuarantee, WeSource, and the value-added services of WeFinance and NoFake, building a wonderful trade channel for you from outsourcing garment manufacturing to third party quality assurance and selling products in China, which helps grow your margin by over 20% and greatly promote your sales and brand value by introducing your brand and products to the vast Chinese market. In the meantime, TradeAider’s WeGuarantee service helps you control the product quality throughout the entire production process and ensure no quality issue will occur, which is a much better quality assurance service than the traditional 3rd party inspection companies.
About the Founder

Justin Chen, born in the 60s in Fujian Province of China, has achieved a bachelor's degree from Zhejiang University and a master's degree in Executive Master of Business Administration from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. He is the owner of The Clis Group, which consists of several trading companies, apparel factories, and a third-party service-providing company. He has nearly 30 years of profound background and experience in international trade and manufacturing.

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WeFinance Service
WeFinance Service
An useful finance service to both enable your suppliers to accept your long payment term and help you to avoid down payment risk through Payment Escrow Service.
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NoFake Service
Anti-counterfeit service to protect your intellectual property right (IPR).