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Benefits of Choosing Third-party Inspection Services

Nowadays, testing organizations can be roughly divided into two categories, one is the business unit testing organizations, one is a third-party testing organizations. Then in the choice of testing, why many people will choose a third-party inspection services?

1. Third-party inspection services: the same with the inspection qualifications

Third-party inspection services are good and bad, choose a third party to shine a bright light on the choice of the third party through the national accreditation, some customers also have their own laboratory, you can also issue their own test reports, but compared to the third-party testing issued test reports, its credibility has a big gap. In the trade process, buyers and sellers based on the protection of their own interests and trust in third party quality assurance services, increasingly respected the use of third-party inspection services. The market credibility of independent third-party inspection services is an important reason for the rapid development of the testing market.

2. Third-party inspection services: reduce the cost of human and material resources

Some internationally renowned companies require suppliers to provide components and raw materials need to go through third-party testing, and published its list of approved third-party testing. Through the provision of multifaceted technical services through the third-party inspection services, the organization of various fields with the help of technical personnel, the enterprise's human resources costs can be greatly reduced to help enterprises pay more attention to the enterprise's core links value-added product development, production and sales. Third-party inspection services for enterprises to provide product quality and technical consulting services, for enterprises to improve the research and development and production processes to improve the competitiveness of enterprises is increasingly important. For individual customers, the demand for technical testing services is fragmented and uncertain. Relative to the cost of testing, each customer configures a complete set of testing equipment and establishes its own testing laboratory. With the refinement of the social division of labor, technical testing organizations provide customers with a low-cost testing solution. If the testing service is convenient and fast, the need for customers to establish their own laboratories will become less and less.

3. Third-party inspection services: market-oriented operation

Independent third-party inspection agencies do not rely on the mandatory requirements of a company or institution, but rely on their own service capabilities to carry out business. Third-party inspection services to take a market-oriented mode of operation, strengthen the research and development of testing methods, improve testing capabilities, expand the scope of services, develop customers, and provide customers with complete services, including technical advice, one-stop testing. The third-party inspection service has established a modern marketing service system, integrated network marketing, telemarketing and other means to establish a service network within China, achieving rapid expansion of business scale and enhancing overall market influence.