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Footwear is a product worn on the foot to protect it from injury. By material, there are leather shoes, cloth shoes, rubber shoes, plastic shoes; By heel type, there are flat heels, half heels, high heels, wedge heels; By use cent, there are daily life shoe, labor protection shoe, athletic shoe, travel shoes, negative heel shoes, heighten shoes, etc.

Service Content of Footwear Inspection Service

TradeAider will check the products based on common quality standards and customer requests, including but not limited to sampling inspection, graphic evidence, and quality report, and in the meantime keep all the inspection records block-chained and publicly notarized.

Service Process of Footwear Inspection Service

Service Process of Footwear Inspection Service

On-site Verification and Test of Footwear Inspection Service


Inspection Item

Sample Size

Inspection Requirement

On-site Verification if Applicable


Footwear Size Measurement (Need to do only at the request of the client)

3 samples per size per style

At least 1 sample per size per color

Measure all measurement points specified of any piece of each pair. If no specified measurement point is given, only measure insole length.

If tolerance is not provided by client, use MDD tolerance ± 3 mm, revise column “TOL” in report’s measurement chart sheet, on site tests result should be “N/A”.

Fail criteria: Total out of tolerance measurement points exceed 10% of the total measurement; or if within single size, all measured samples are found out of tolerance in the same measurement point.

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