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How International Brands Apply for Trademark Registration in China

How do international brands apply for trademark registration in China, or whether they have already registered trademarks abroad, do they need to apply for brand trademark registration in China again? The answer is yes.

1. Territorial effect of trademark registration in China

First of all, if an international brand wants to have a place in the Chinese market, it needs to have its own brand. Applying for brand trademark registration is a necessary part, and the registered trademark is also protected by law as a whole. However, trademark protection has geographical restrictions. Brands that have been registered as trademarks in countries other than China are only protected by the trademark laws of these countries.

Brands whose trademarks are registered in other countries other than China can be used in China, but they are not protected by domestic laws. Therefore, if international brands want to enter the domestic market, they also need to register their trademarks in order to obtain trademark legal protection. Like a protective umbrella, it protects the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises from being violated.

2. Document requirements for trademark registration in China

Secondly, the forms of international brands applying for trademark registration in China are roughly the same. They all need to submit the certification documents of the applicant, and provide the English information of the applicant's name and foreign address, as well as the pattern of the registered trademark. The special nature will require the notarization of the applicant and related certification information.

3. Necessity of trademark registration in China

Finally, trademark registration is undoubtedly the most valuable manifestation. The importance of registered trademarks is something that every business founder attaches great importance to. After a company enters a brand into the market, various false brands will follow. Appearing on the market greatly reduces the inferiority of one's own brand in the market. Only by registering the trademark first and safeguarding one's own interests, can greater value be excavated in it.