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How to Choose Third Party Quality Inspection Companies?

Now there are countless large and small testing institutions in China, but how to choose regular testing institutions has become a headache for customers. At present, there are too many third-party quality inspection companies in China, no matter they have laboratories or qualifications, they all come out to receive customers. Many small detection companies, in fact, is a bag company, casually registered a company to receive customers, and then entrust the experiment to make a difference in the middle. There are also some more outrageous testing companies, they will not give you the experiment, directly give you falsified data, falsified qualifications, so that the results of the experiment are greatly biased, affect the development cycle, etc. So how to choose a more formal third-party quality inspection company?

Ⅰ. About third-party quality inspection companies

The third-party quality inspection company is a third-party software evaluation institution independent of the software developer and the software demander, which has the characteristics of independence and objectivity. Moreover, third-party software evaluation institutions have more professional technical teams and mature testing experience, which can provide customers with professional and reliable software testing services and software testing reports.

Chinese third-party testing companies providing software testing for enterprises generally require CMA and CNAS qualifications, which are the most basic requirements for testing institutions to carry out business. Of course, if there is security assessment, the testing institution also needs to have the qualification of CCRC security testing service.

Ⅱ. Choose third-party quality inspection companies

1. Check the scale of the testing institution, it is best to choose a large formal third-party quality inspection company, choose a relatively large testing institution, testing report available range is relatively wide.

2. Check the laboratory environment, if convenient, it is best to visit the third-party quality inspection company's laboratory, to see whether there is an independent laboratory, laboratory equipment in the end is not complete, so that you can filter out the bag company.

3. Check the qualification, first of all, we should see the business license and CMA qualification certificate of the third-party quality inspection company. If there is no such qualification certificate, we should not consider it.

4. Check the price trick, do not blindly pursue low prices, to synthesize the complexity of the experiment, have a general valuation, if some companies tell you the price is particularly low you should consider more, consider the authenticity of the data, the experiment is true and so on.