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Inspection Rules for Third-party Inspection Agencies

Ⅰ. Types of tests in quality inspection services

1. Carry out the box drop test according to the order regulations and the basic requirements of the inspection, check the shipping mark, the size of the outer box, the strength and quality of the carton, the general product code and the product itself.

2. The box drop test should be dropped at least 2 to 4 boxes, especially for fragile products such as ceramics and glass.

3. The position of consumers and quality inspectors determines what kind of testing is required.

4. If the same problem is found in the inspection process, please do not focus on one point and ignore the whole; in general, the inspection should include dimensions, specifications, appearance, function, structure, assembly, safety, performance and Other features and various aspects related to testing.

5. If it is a mid-term inspection, in addition to the quality aspects listed above, you should also check the production line to evaluate the production capacity of the factory, so as to help early detection of delivery and product quality problems. You should know that the standards and requirements during the mid-term inspection should be more strictly controlled.

6. After the inspection is completed, fill in the inspection report accurately and in detail. The report should be clear in writing and complete in content. Before getting the factory's signature, you should make the content of the report, the company's standards, and your final judgment clear, fair, and Explain to the factory firmly and in principle. If they have different opinions, they can indicate it in the report, but no matter what, they cannot quarrel with the factory.

7. If the inspection report is not accepted, the inspection report should be sent back to the company immediately.

8. If the drop test fails, the report should indicate how the factory is required to make changes to strengthen the packaging; if the factory is required to rework due to quality problems, the re-inspection time should be indicated on the report, and the factory should confirm and sign.

Ⅱ. Matters needing attention for quality inspectors in quality inspection services

1. The QC should contact the company and the factory by phone one day before departure, because the itinerary may change or there may be accidents, each QC must strictly abide by this, especially for those who travel far away.

2. For products that customers require to bring samples, you must indicate on the samples: order number, item number and factory name, inspection time, QC name, etc. The sample that is too large or too heavy can be shipped by the factory, such as If the sample is not brought back, the reason should be stated on the report.

3. We always require the factory to make appropriate and reasonable cooperation with the QC inspection service work, which is reflected in the fact that they often actively participate in our inspection process, but the factory and the inspector are in a cooperative relationship, not a relationship between superiors and subordinates. Unreasonable demands that adversely affect the company's image.

4. Bear in mind the dignity and integrity of the inspectors, and must be responsible for their own actions.