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  • Many buyers often find visiting trade shows to be a less-than-easytask, and this difficulty doesn't necessarily stem from the travel itself, but rather from the inefficiency experienced. The overwhelming number of booths from various suppliers representing different countries and regions tends to lead to confusion or disorientation. Additionally, due to the restricted timeframe of these 3-4 day events, buyers frequently struggle to engage in meaningful conversations with the appropriate factories that offer the right products at the right prices. Furthermore, it proves to be exceedingly time-consuming to connect with numerous disparate suppliers in order to identify the most suitable one for manufacturing a specific product following thetrade fair.

  • TradeAider's MyShow Service effectively addresses and resolves this issue.

TradeAider Pavilions

To begin with, TradeAider has established a presence at virtually all the major trade shows dedicated to apparel and textile products, such as the Magic Show in the USA, Frankfurt Heimtextil in Germany, Pure London in UK and Texworld Paris in France, and more. At these events, the TradeAider Pavilion is a prominent feature, showcasing a multitude of fresh samples from diverse factories spanning various countries and regions. Buyers now have the convenience of visiting a single booth (the TradeAider Pavilion) to peruse thousands of samples representing different product categories like Formal Wear, Casual Outfits, Sports 8 Training Outerwear, Home Wear, Working Protection Wear, Lingerie, Textiles, Accessories, and more. Buyers can proceed by either directly contacting the factories to place orders, facilitated by scanning the QR code associated with each sample to access comprehensive product and factory details, or they can opt to entrust TradeAider as the "Sole Agent" for their sourcing needs.

TradeAider Permanent Showrooms

Furthermore, after the conclusion ofa trade show, a significant portion of the samples will be relocated to and continue to be exhibited in various TradeAider Permanent Showrooms located worldwide. The first permanent showroom was inaugurated in Hamburq, Germany, in June 2023, followed by forthcoming showrooms in Los Angeles, USA, and London, UK, and more. Conseuently, buyers who were unable to visit the TradeAider Pavilion during trade shows can still take advantace of visiting the TradeAider Permanent Showrooms, affording them the same array of benefits as those offered by the TradeAider Pavilion at trade shows.

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