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Precautions for Choosing Formal Third-party Quality Inspection Companies

With the rapid rise of China's testing agency industry, the development trend of testing agencies has become a topic of discussion. The government has accelerated the transformation of functions, and a large amount of technical work will be undertaken by third-party quality inspection companies. By purchasing services and accepting results, the inspection and testing market has entered the fast lane of development. Testing the products that have been produced and processed is a must-do procedure for all manufacturers. In this process, the level of cooperative testing institutions should not be careless. The institutions with high testing level and good testing quality can provide detailed testing results with due diligence to avoid Informal testing agencies have errors in inaccurate product testing, so specifically, what are the precautions for choosing a regular third-party quality testing company?

1. Matters needing attention from third-party quality inspection companies

First of all, inspection and testing institutions must have inspection and testing qualifications approved according to law. Only inspection and testing institutions that have obtained qualification certificates issued by the National Certification and Accreditation Administration or local quality supervision departments are legal third-party qc inspection service companies, and are allowed to issue certificates to the public. The data and results of legally valid proofs. Secondly, the inspection and testing institution must have professional inspection and testing capabilities and basic conditions. The inspection and testing institution must carry out inspection and testing activities within the scope approved by the qualification certification department, and issue an inspection and testing report or certificate, and the report or certificate must be affixed with the CMA logo seal . Those that exceed the scope of inspection and detection or are not stamped with the CMA mark are invalid. The most important point is that inspection and testing institutions must abide by relevant laws and regulations, follow the principles of objectivity, independence, fairness, honesty and credibility, abide by professional ethics, and assume social responsibilities.

It is necessary to know that inspection and testing institutions must have legally obtained authoritative recognition from CMA China Metrology Certification and CNAS China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment. Only testing institutions recognized by the China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment are legal third-party quality inspection companies, and only then are they allowed to issue legally effective data and certificates to the society. result.

2. The development of third-party quality inspection companies

With the opening of China's quality testing market, the marketization of China's testing institutions is an inevitable trend. In the process of marketization, Chinese testing institutions need to integrate testing resources, determine development strategies, and explore independent corporate culture management models. 1. Direction of transformation: change from "business" to "industry"; 2. Exploration of transformation path: cooperation and market; 3. Building core competitiveness; 4. Market prospect of China's third-party quality inspection companies. In the next few years, China's third-party The quality inspection company will develop in the direction of specialization, collectivization, marketization and internationalization.