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Purchase of Your Goods

For global fashion brands who want to join the Sell-in-China program to expand the Chinese apparel market, TradeAider's purchase of your goods is an effective way to make it as simple, safe, and profitable as possible. For brands, it is zero cost and risk-free as you will receive full payment from TradeAider before the products purchased by TradeAider are sold out in China through our online clothing selling platforms and network. Whether the stock can be sold out or not is at the risk of TradeAider, not the brands. These brands need to sign a cooperation agreement with TradeAider and wait for the payment. As easy as this.

How Can TradeAider Purchase Your Products?

Products Produced in China

TradeAider will place additional orders with you for the styles selected by our buyers from all the orders placed with China manufacturers. So the manufacturers can produce your original orders and our additional orders simultaneously. All the TradeAider purchases will be paid for in full.

Products Produced Outside China

TradeAider will purchase selected products produced outside China from the brand. These products will be imported into China and sold domestically through TradeAider's networks and platforms for selling clothes. All the TradeAider purchases will be paid for in full.

Benefits of TradeAider Purchase Your Goods

In this case, TradeAider is not only a third party quality inspection services provider but also a buyer. It can significantly increase your sales, profitability, and brand value without risk, and help you enter the Chinese apparel market.

Make your apparel retail business easy, safe, and profitable in China. As easy as 1-2-3:

1. TradeAider purchases your products.

2. TradeAider pays for your products.

3. TradeAider sells your products in China at our risk, not yours.

How Your Goods Are Sold On Tradeaider Online Store?

How Your Goods Are Sold On Tradeaider Online Store?
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