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A creative quality inspection service which 

is much cheaper, more efficient and transparent 

than traditional third parties.

• Find the greatness of TradeAider's milestone MyQC Inspection Services as below.

Superb Prices


What’s the Difference?

Please refer to the chart below for easy comparison.

MyQC Inspection Services of TradeAiderTraditional Ways of Quality Control
Superb Prices
As low as USD99 per half man-day
You know
More Problem Solving Oriented
Finding the real situation and
solving the problems during the production.
Only Final Judgement
Can be too late.
Monitor the whole QC process online

wherever you are on either MyQC Web App or MyQC Mobile App of TradeAider, receive the hot photos and videos the QC has just taken onsite the factory, discuss and instruct him(her), just like you are onsite the factory by yourself.

An inspection report
afterward without knowing
who did the inspection beforehand and can't moniter the process.
Place order easily on either MyQC Web
App or MyQC Mobile App of TradeAider
wherever and whenever, a professional QC
will be onsite at the factory serving for you
as quickly as within 2 hours.
Make booking several days in advance.
Blockchain technology is utilized and
certificate issued by Public Notary Office to
demonstrate the integrity of the QC and
the authenticity of the Report.
Possible Problem
Can’t ensure inspectors to be 100% self-disciplined.

Why MyQC Inspection Services?


Much cheaper: a price of only USD99 per inspection in China and USD149 per inspection in South East Asia, Indian Subcontinent, Eastern Europe, America and Africa speaks for itself.


Much more efficient: this is achieved thanks to our extensive network and the advanced digital control system. This network consists of over 80,000 Quality Control Specialists across factories worldwide who can arrive at any factories to carry out the inspections as quickly as within 2 hours upon receipt of the requests.


Much more transparent: TradeAider's MyQC Inspection Services allows buyers to monitor inspections online through MyQC App if they want. Buyers can view online draft reports which contains photos, videos, and comments from TradeAider QCs on-site, direct their camera focus, and provide instructions in real-time. It's like being inside the factory, even when buyers are miles away. MyQC Inspection Reports are submitted online and offline, including all inspection media. Data Safekeeping of official inspection records are blockchained and publicly notarized for integrity and legal validity, setting us apart from traditional services.

The Creative 4 Right Concept of MyQC Inspection Services

Right Persons 
Right Persons 

Professional QCs with strong production background specializing in different products.

Right Time
Right Time

At the early and mid-stages of production, not at the last minute.

Right Place
Right Place

At production lines, not at Finished Product Warehouse.

Right Thing
Right Thing

Report the reality to the clients, via transparency through MyQC App.

How to Place Orders?

You can choose EITHER of the following THREE OPTIONS to easily place your orders.
Option 1

Please click the button of MyQC Web App below to place your order.


Option 2

Please scan the QR code below to download MyQC Mobile App, and place your order on it. 


Option 3

Please fill in the simple form below and submit it. 

TradeAider’s customer service will contact you and help you place order within 1 working day upon receipt of your request.


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