Zhejiang ShiningHub Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang ShiningHub Co., Ltd.


A revolutionary "Safe Box" quality assurance service 

to guarantee the product quality for the orders 

placed in any factories.

• It is with great pride to say that the birth of TradeAider's revolutionary WeGuarantee Service is a milestone in the global sourcing and QA industry. With the emerge of this great innovation, the underlying logic and ecosystem of the global sourcing and QA has been changed completely. The problems which have previously associated with and unable to be solved are now become possible to be tackled with. Cost and quality, the two biggest barriers in global trade have now been thoroughly removed. Global sourcing and QA can now become so easy. The great contribution this heavily invested WeGuarantee Service has made for this dramatic transform lies in:

a) With the WeGuarantee Service, and combined with WeSource Service, buyers can now have smooth and safe direct business with the manufacturers and provide more competitive products price wise and quality wise in their markets. There is no need for buyers to establish their own sourcing and QA teams anymore, which is both difficult and costy.

b) With the exceptional WeContract Service, buyers can now achieve profitable business conveniently although the product ranges are wide, quantity being small, prices being tough, etc.

• All these can result in buyers' winning out in the ever keener market competition of this post-pandemic era. Which is indeed a great thing.

• We are confident that more and more buyers will get to know and realize the great value of TradeAider's WeGuarantee Service, and WeSource Service & WeContract Service combined, and enjoy the huge benefits TradeAider's Total Trade Solutions bring to them, our esteemed customers.

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