Zhejiang ShiningHub Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang ShiningHub Co., Ltd.


To help buyers to trade directly with the manufacturers

and guarantee the quality of the products.

• It is with pride that TradeAider's  WeGuarantee Services has created a new way in quality assurance for buyers' direct business with the manufacturers. 

• TradeAider helps buyers to control and guarantee the product quality of the orders placed in any factories at a nominal fee of 1% - 3%, which is much cheaper and simpler than if buyers doing the quality control by themselves. In case of any quality concerns, TradeAider will bear the responsibility jointly with the factories. Hence buyers are as easy and safe as like in a quality "safe box". 

• TradeAider's QCs will be involed intensively throughout the entire production journey and initiate the quality guarantee work the first day when the orders are placed with the manufacturers directly by buyers. Every aspect of production will be strictly controlled by TradeAider teams and be transparent and continuously monitored in real-time by buyers through the TradeAider App. This monitoring spans the entire production process, safeguarding against any last-minute surprises and ensuring the successful guarantee of the product quality.

• This approach stands in stark contrast to the traditional third parties inspection service, which only issues an inspection report and do not guarantee anything.

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