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Reasons for Needing a Third-party Quality Inspection Company

Ⅰ. What are third-party quality inspection companies?

The third party, as the name suggests, refers to an object that exists outside the two interrelated subjects. This object can be associated with two interrelated subjects, or it can be completely independent of both. This is the case for independent third-party quality inspection companies, which exist independently of enterprises (inspected enterprises) and government departments (supervisory units).

Ⅱ. Why do we need such a third-party quality inspection company?

As the market continues to approach industrialization, scale, and standardization, it is both necessary and necessary for 3rd party inspection companies to carry out inspection and testing activities in accordance with relevant laws, standards, or contracts as a fair and authoritative non-party. On the other hand, in a sense, the third party always stands at a neutral point of view. Its operating procedures are carried out in accordance with standards, laws, and regulations, and the results of the tests are rigorous, fair, and fair, and will not be biased towards any party. An object or subject, which enables it to become an effective supplement to the government and related regulatory agencies, helping it get rid of the "trust crisis".

At the same time, because it is professional, third-party quality inspection companies often have more mature inspection models, more complete facilities, and more professional inspection personnel, which also makes their inspection efficiency and accuracy often higher.

Ⅲ. Advantages of third-party quality inspection companies

1. What kind of advantages: Compared with government testing agencies, third-party quality testing companies have the advantages of professionalism, impartiality, and objectivity, and are extensive, with lower costs and good service quality.

2. The importance of possession: The third-party quality inspection services company has professional management experience, a professional inspection technician team, and relatively advanced technical equipment, which can make good use of technology to inspect more related product quality inspections.

Because third-party quality inspection companies are neither government nor enterprise, they generally undertake testing projects relatively independently. Therefore, many test quality results will not be affected by relevant departments or other factors, and are fair and objective. China's third-party quality inspection companies have supplemented public resources and the lack of inspection by government departments and played a good auxiliary role.