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​The Delegation of the Seminar on Promoting Electromechanical Industry and Economic Development in Developing Countries Visited TradeAider for Investigation and Research

On October 25, 2019, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products, the Seminar on Promoting the Development of Mechanical and Electrical Industry and Economy in Developing Countries visited TradeAider again after 2017.

The Seminar Took a Group Photo in Front of Tradeaider Headquarter

▲ The seminar took a group photo in front of TradeAider Headquarters

TradeAider Was Selected For Investigation And Research

The Seminar on Promoting the Development of Electromechanical Industry and Economy in Developing Countries is an aid project of the Chinese government to developing countries, aiming at promoting the exchange of knowledge, technology, and personnel between China and developing countries, and continuously promoting the sound development of trade between China and developing countries.

The seminar is composed of government officials, industry experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs from 18 developing countries, including Ethiopia, Antigua, and Barbuda, Latvia, Sierra Leone, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Zambia, Panama, Uzbekistan, Gambia, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mexico, and Lebanon. Because of its active exploration and innovative achievements in the field of global trade integrity system construction, TradeAider was selected as the enterprise for investigation and research in Hangzhou.

Seminar participants visited TradeAider

▲ Seminar participants visited TradeAider

Under the leadership of Chang Zhong, Director of Information Consulting Department of China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electrical Products, the trainees visited TradeAider and listened carefully to the introduction and development process of TradeAider.


▲Director Chang Zhong led the seminar to conduct a special investigation and discussion

TradeAider's Business Introduction

At the symposium on special research held by Director Chang Zhong, the staff of TradeAider introduced in detail the three core businesses of Internet + Global Trade Integrity System Construction Platform, MyQC Quality Control Service, NoFake Anti-counterfeiting Traceability Service, and WeFinance Finance Credit Enhancement Service, as well as their wide application and successful experience in the field of global trade. He also had friendly exchanges with the members of the seminar. The participants of the seminar took out their mobile phones to experience the TradeAider App on the spot and felt the convenient service and growth benefits brought by the industrial Internet. Some enterprise representatives also conducted on-site consultations on quality control, the authenticity of goods, and other issues they encountered in procurement, and the atmosphere of on-site activities was warm.

The participants of the seminar highly recognized and evaluated the Internet + Global Trade Integrity System Construction Platform. Trainees from Zambia said: "The model of TradeAider is very good, and the professional third-party service is commendable.". Purchasers in our country can also place orders on App at any time, saving time and effort, and saving a lot of economic costs." The trainee from Nigeria said," I do hybrid MEMS, and every year our company purchases a lot of equipment and components from China. With such a professional third party as TradeAider to provide services, it can save a lot of costs for enterprises and be more assured, hoping to establish cooperation with TradeAider later.

Director Chang Zhong made a concluding speech

▲Director Chang Zhong made a concluding speech

In his concluding remarks, Director Chang Zhong also spoke highly of the innovative exploration and practice made by TradeAider in the construction of the integrity system and expressed the hope that TradeAider would stick to its original intention, continue to develop, and achieve greater development. I also hope that we can take this opportunity to strengthen communication with the representatives of developing countries to present here and find entry points and integration points in the field of trade. Expand the scope and scope of cooperation.

Since its launch, the service of TradeAider has been welcomed by global trade enterprises. This investigation and research activity not only deepened the understanding of the participants from developing countries about the Internet + Global Trade Integrity Construction System Platform but also enhanced the mutual trust and deep friendship between the two sides, laying a solid foundation for future economic and trade cooperation. In the future, TradeAider will establish cooperation with more customers from developing countries to jointly promote the construction of global trade integrity and achieve win-win cooperation.