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Standards for Toys Inspection

Ⅰ. Reasons for toy inspection

Toys are like partners for children, and toys play an indispensable role in children's growth. Because many parents are busy with their careers, they usually spend very little time with their children. Toys have become their children's close partners and learning tools, which can improve children's hands-on ability and thinking ability, and have a great impact on developing children's various cognitive abilities. benefit.

Children's tender skin has insufficient resistance to external aggression. Toys, as objects that children usually touch for a long time, are directly related to the safety of children. At present, various countries also attach great importance to toys inspection service, and have formulated and continuously improved corresponding toy regulations. Then let's learn the content of children's toy inspection regulations in various regions together.

Ⅱ. The standard GB6675 for toys inspection China

At present, the standard for toys inspection China is GB6675-2003 (National Toy Safety Technical Specification), which is a national mandatory standard. In terms of technical requirements, it is equivalent to ISO8124-1:2000 (toy safety mechanical and physical properties), ISO8124-2:1994 ( Safety combustion performance of toys) and ISO8124-3:1997 (migration of specific elements of toy safety); on May 6, 2014, China Quality Supervision Bureau and the national standard released a new version of GB6675 - 2014 "Toy Safety" National Standard, new The Toy Safety Standard of 2016, which was officially implemented on January 1, 2016, strengthens the safety and quality standards for toys sold in China. The new standard applies to toys and materials for children under the age of 14 to play with. The new standard has four new regulations for toy safety, as follows:

1. The basic specification of GB6675-1 for toys inspection China. Outlines basic safety requirements such as electrical safety, hygiene and radiation conditions. Added specific requirements for 6 plasticizers.

2. GB6675-2 physical properties and mechanical properties for toys inspection China. Added a new specification on the prevention of hearing loss. Added specific requirements for magnets and magnetic parts to prevent magnetic parts and magnetic materials from being accidentally eaten by children and cause damage.

3. GB6675-3 for toys inspection China: flammability, revised the specific regulations on the specifications and test methods of stuffed toys. Newly added "Regulations on the flammability of moulded masks in whole or in part" and "Regulations on the flammability of floating objects on head-mounted toys", mainly on the specific requirements for their burning speed.