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Textile Quality Guarantee Service

The textile and apparel supply chain often puts retailers and brands thousands of miles away from their production sites, making inspection an important part of the manufacturing process to assure quality. From raw materials to finished goods, TradeAider can identify defects and non-compliance during different stages of the production process. With more than 80,000 QCs in the world, TradeAider offers a guaranteed quality control program, ensuring the quality of the textile meets your requirements.

Applicable Categories of Textile Quality Guarantee

The textile quality guarantee solution is applicable to a series of products such as textile raw materials, fabrics, Furs, and Carpets.

Textile Raw Materials and Fabrics
  • Fabric

  • Fiber

  • Textile auxiliaries Yarns Cloth

  • Other textile raw materials and fabrics

Furs, Leather, Downs & Related Products
  • Feather and down products

  • Leather and product

  • Cashmere & cashmere products

  • Other furs/leather/down and their products

Carpets & Tapestries
  • Blanket

  • Carpets

  • Seat/back cushion

  • Mats

  • Mat for daily use

  • Materials for mat

Common Issues in Controlling Textile Quality


Poor Printing


Open Seam


Run Off Stitches

Textile Quality Guarantee Procedures

Entire Process Merchandising

TradeAider controls the quality of your products starting from the day your purchase order is signed. WeGuarantee service includes not only the traditional procedures of inspection (Pre-production, In-line and Final inspection) but also frequent visits to the factory to solve any problem that may occur during the production, ensuring the final production quality meets your requirements before it is too late.

Entire Process Quality Control

TradeAider will help control the orders in a smarter, more efficient, and completely transparent way, ensuring the quality of products meeting your requirements through liaising with you, manufacturers, and TradeAider QCs during the entire production process, integrated with specially developed smart order control system (iControl) on WeGuarantee App for you, the manufacturer and TradeAider QCs and merchandisers to work together. Further follow-up will be done jointly by the factory and by the TradeAider team. Photos, videos, and text reports of real production situations will be uploaded to the App for your reference.

Before Shipment

TradeAider will supervise the entire production process and ensure the quality of products meets your requirements, and issue a “Quality Confirmation Sheet” before shipment accordingly. Should there be any quality claim, TradeAider takes the responsibility.

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