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The Role of Third-party Inspection Agency in Food Industry

The current threats to food safety mainly involve the following aspects: first, drug residues, harmful substances such as heavy metals; second, excessive microbial content in food; third, detection of adulteration during processing. These food 3rd-party inspection agencies can play a role in addressing these issues.

What is the role of the third-party inspection agency in the food industry?

Testing for harmful substances: The harmful substances in food are caused by environmental pollution, such as varying degrees of water pollution, improper pesticide use, and fertilizer use to increase yield. Food third-party inspection agencies can test these foods to prevent polluted food from appearing on people's tables and affecting their health.

Testing for inappropriate additives: The food industry also has incidents of using illegal additives, such as clenbuterol, Sudan red, and melamine. These substances can increase production but have a significant impact on people's health.

Third-party inspection agencies can use their technical means to timely test these aspects, timely correct food safety issues that appear in violation, thus closing loopholes before food reaches people's tables and giving people an extra guarantee of health. Therefore, food 3rd-party inspection agencies are a golden key to ensuring people's food safety and an indispensable part of people's lives.

Factors affecting the cost of the food third-party inspection agency

Nowadays, people's quality of life has achieved stable development, and everyone has high expectations for the development of various industries. Under this era's background, the testing standards of various industries around the world have increased, and the overall rising trend has made it necessary for products to go through multiple levels of inspection before entering the market. Especially for food, a product closely related to people's lives, the threshold for market entry has been raised. So what determines the cost of 3rd-party inspection agencies for food testing?

We know that food testing is a laborious process, mainly because the content involved is too rich, including analysis of the nutritional composition of food, sensory detection of food, chemical analysis of pollutants in food, and whether there are food additives. The cost of testing depends on the products being tested.