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Third-party Inspection Enables Us to Accurately Identify Harmful Substances in Products

Understanding Third-party Inspection

Third-party inspection is a commodity inspection activity conducted by a third party outside of the interests, in a fair and authoritative capacity, in accordance with relevant laws, standards, or contracts. The third party may have a connection with two parties or be independent of two parties. With the deepening of the market economy and the continuous improvement of inspection technology, China's third-party inspection industry is rapidly developing. Although there is still some gap between the development of China's inspection industry and the requirements of being a strong country in service quality and promoting high-quality development, time has proved the progress and growth of this industry from the "imported products" at the beginning to the "key areas" now.

The Role of Third-party Inspection

After the European Union implemented RoHS inspection, some of China's products exported to Europe need to undergo RoHS inspection before they can enter the European market for transactions. Therefore, when some large and small electrical appliances or toy products are inspected by RoHS, it is inevitable. Only by obtaining the relevant certificate through this inspection can the circulation of products be ensured and the products can be promoted to a larger market.

In fact, we have already explained the role of 3rd-party inspection. Its main function is to provide assistance to some relevant production and manufacturing organizations, to verify the content of certain materials in the products produced in the organizations, and to determine whether there are harmful substances or related products that cannot be circulated. Then based on the results of their inspections, they will submit them and obtain relevant inspection certificates, thereby ensuring the quality of the enterprise's products with certification.

Moreover, 3rd-party inspection can be an independent inspection mechanism of a certain enterprise, or it can be a separate third-party inspection agency that provides QC inspection services for various platforms and products. Only an inspection organization recognized by the country can have such rights, and the results it inspects will be trusted by the country. After inspection by this organization, relevant qualification certificates can be obtained. It is not a production and research institution or a sales institution, but rather a connection between two different institutions that ensures trust between sales and purchases.