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Tradeaider Appears On The Light Of The Internet To Light Up Global Trade Integrity

On October 18, 2019, the 6th World Internet Conference "Light of the Internet" Expo opened in Wuzhen, a water town.

Main venue of the 6th World Internet Conference "Light of the Internet" Expo

▲ Main venue of the 6th World Internet Conference "Light of the Internet" Expo

This Expo fully embodies the theme of "Intelligent Interconnection and Open Cooperation-Jointly Building a Community of Destiny in Cyberspace", focusing on President Xi Jinping's important thoughts on cyber power, as well as new technologies, new achievements, new products and new applications worldwide, highlighting the light of civilization, future and wisdom led by the Internet.

Opening Ceremony of "Light of the Internet" Expo 

▲ Opening Ceremony of "Light of the Internet" Expo

As an innovative Internet + third party builder of the infrastructure of the global trade integrity system, TradeAider and more than 600 world-renowned Internet enterprises and innovative enterprises, such as Alibaba, Huawei, Tencent, Baidu, WangYi, China Electronics Technology Group, Kaspersky Lab and SAP of Germany, jointly appeared at the Expo.

"Light of the Internet" Expo Site

▲"Light of the Internet" Expo Site


TradeAider's China Trade Solutions

Since its launch in 2016, TradeAider has closely focused on the major needs of the integrity system, based on the PC and mobile Internet, and used the concept of the shared economy to promote the deep integration of new technologies such as blockchains, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things with the real economy, creating an innovative model of Internet + shared QC quality control (MyQC). It has launched the anti-counterfeiting traceability landing scheme (NoFake anti-counterfeiting traceability service) to reach the production site of products and the credit enhancement measures (WeFinance financing credit enhancement service) to solve the financing difficulties and expensive problems of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Exhibitors have a detailed understanding of the Internet + Global Trade Integrity System Construction Platform

▲Exhibitors have a detailed understanding of the Internet + Global Trade Integrity System Construction Platform

TradeAider's Brand Influence

TradeAider is a typical platform for national shared economy, China's top ten influential brands, and China's top 50 industrial Internet support service enterprises in 2018. In this exposition, the exhibition booth in the big data exhibition area accurately conveys the sharing and utilization of more than 2.5 million QCs in the national circulation field and establishes a huge, professional, and low-cost integrity network. It provides the most basic "water" and "electricity" services for the construction of the integrity system.

It also demonstrates the innovative exploration and practice of Internet + new technology in real application scenarios such as on-site service certification, quality control, anti-counterfeiting traceability data, intelligent order matching, multi-evaluation system, distributed micro-service architecture, online graphic report, and production management.

TradeAider Internet + Technology

▲TradeAider Internet + Technology

The large data visualization screen on the TradeAider booth is a panoramic display of real-time orders, the number of QC, industry and geographical distribution, the number of users, types and geographical distribution, blockchain certificate information, and other accurate dynamic data. It has attracted the attention and evaluation of many government officials, representatives of international organizations, top experts and scholars, leading figures of enterprises, and news media.

TradeAider Big Data Visualization Screen

▲ TradeAider Big Data Visualization Screen

At present, the global trade market situation is complex, and the construction of a trade integrity system is of great significance to the transformation, upgrading, and high-quality development of global trade. TradeAider will take the opportunity of participating in the "Light of the Internet" Expo of the World Internet Conference to exert global influence, inspire wisdom, pursue ways to meet challenges, and light up global trade integrity.