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TradeAider Chen Liang: Promoting the High-quality Development of Global Trade with the Construction of Credit System

On October 25, 2019, the second session of the 126th Canton Fair opened grandly. The forum focused on issues such as trade integrity, risk prevention and control and channel innovation, and invited internationally renowned experts, industry leaders and famous entrepreneurs to share themes on the platform (Central Stage) with the highest specifications, the largest area and the best location in the exhibition hall.

Mr. Chen Liang was invited to attend the Canton Fair Forum and delivered a keynote speech.

▲ Mr. Chen Liang was invited to attend the Canton Fair Forum and delivered a keynote speech.

At 10 o'clock in the morning, Mr. Chen Liang, the founder of TradeAider, attended the forum as a special guest and delivered a keynote speech entitled "Total Trade Solution-TradeAider Innovative Quality Control, Anti-counterfeiting Traceability & Financing Credit Enhancement Services".

Magnificent blooming, promoting high-quality development of foreign trade with the construction of an integrity system

At the beginning of his speech, Mr. Chen Liang detailed the pain points and difficulties in the field of global trade integrity, as well as the innovative solutions launched by TradeAider to solve these pain points and difficulties, which aroused the resonance of the audience, the applause continued, and people took out their mobile phones to take photos and record.

audience were attracted to listen to tradeaider founder mr.chen liang's speech

▲ The audience was attracted to listen to Mr. Chen Liang's speech.

Mr. Chen Liang said that the current global economic and trade environment is becoming increasingly complex and severe, trade costs are rising rapidly, and global trade has entered a new era of great changes. Under the changing situation, only by establishing a fair, just, transparent, and honest trade integrity system can we protect the interests of both buyers and sellers and jointly resist the sudden increase in trade risks.

As the Internet + third party builder of the global trade integrity system infrastructure, TradeAider has built a huge, professional, and low-cost integrity network, and is continuously providing "water" and "electricity" for the construction of the trade integrity system, so that integrity can play a greater social and economic benefits.

Conform to the general trend and sublimate the value of integrity with technology

During the speech, Mr. Chen Liang shared the innovative advantages of TradeAider in Internet and blockchain technology, business, business model, and other aspects, as well as the tireless innovative exploration and practical results of TradeAider in the field of trade integrity system construction.

Mr. Chen Liang shares the practical achievements of TradeAider

▲ Mr. Chen Liang shares the practical achievements of TradeAider

Mr. Chen Liang introduced that TradeAider closely focused on the major needs of the construction of the integrity system, focusing on the practical problems concerned by the government, enterprises, and the broad masses of the people, such as product quality, counterfeit and inferior products, infringement of intellectual property rights, financing difficulties and expensive financing for small and medium-sized enterprises, and played an important role in the construction of the integrity system. In order to promote the deep integration of blockchain and Internet + technology with the real economy, we launched three major services, namely, MyQC quality control, NoFake anti-counterfeiting traceability, and WeFinance financing and credit enhancement, to improve the quality, grade, and brand influence of foreign trade export products, foster new momentum for foreign trade development, and promote the stability and quality of foreign trade. It also helps financial institutions to carry out financial innovation and provide financing and credit enhancement for small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises. Speed up the optimization and upgrading of foreign trade and high-quality development

The audience listened carefully to Mr. Chen Liang's speech

▲The audience listened carefully to Mr. Chen Liang's speech

Mr. Chen Liang's speech received applause on the spot. After the speech, many business representatives had further communication with Mr. Chen Liang and said that they would cooperate with TradeAider in various fields.

The newly launched WeFinance financing and credit enhancement service of TradeAider shines brilliantly at the Canton Fair. After listening to Mr. Chen Liang's speech, many businessmen came to the booth of TradeAider. After a detailed understanding of the service content, the WeFinance financing credit enhancement service was booked on the spot.