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TradeAider: Provide Professional Third-party Inspection and On-site Service

In the procurement process of traditional enterprises, the problems of fake and inferior products, cutting corners, shoddy products and "unqualified" products "qualified" emerge one after another. During the procurement process, suppliers are racking their brains to reduce quality and increase, and buyers are often unable to guard against this, and third-party inspection services are an effective means to avoid such problems.

1. What is a third-party inspection service?

Third party quality assurance services are independent third-party (such as trade point) placed outside the interests of the sale, as a just, fair and authoritative non-party, according to the relevant laws, standards, contracts and other mutually recognized basis content, to carry out product conformity inspection.

Third-party inspection activities are relatively concentrated in industrial activities, especially industrial manufacturing. The implementation of third-party inspection and on-site manufacturing supervision is extremely important to effectively prevent suppliers from providing counterfeit and shoddy goods and to help buyers improve quality control and product control. In the current commodity trade, more and more merchants choose reliable third-party inspection companies to inspect the purchased or produced products and control the quality of the products.

2. What is the role of a third-party inspection company?

For product export companies, each shipment declaration requires a large amount of capital investment. If it is shipped abroad and only finds that the quality does not meet the requirements of the exporting country, it will not only bring huge economic losses to the company, but also have a negative impact on the corporate image. Therefore, before the products are exported, professional inspection companies such as Pony Testing Group can be entrusted to inspect the products according to the standards of the exporting countries, which can reduce the losses of exporting enterprises.

For large supermarkets, shopping malls, and stores, asking a professional company to inspect the goods before the goods are put on the shelves is not only conducive to controlling product quality and establishing a good brand image, but also conducive to reducing after-sales risks, improving enterprise efficiency and saving after-sales costs.

For enterprises that need to establish a brand image and control their products, it is of great significance to maintain long-term and stable cooperation with a professional inspection company.

For factories with assembly line operations, initial inspection (inspection when the assembly line is put into production), mid-term inspection (inspection before 30% of mass production) and final inspection (delivery inspection) are provided to ensure the efficient and orderly production of the assembly line.