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TradeAider Shines at The 134th Canton Fair

The 134th Canton Fair, a continuously held event for 67 years, opened with great pomp on October 15th. TradeAider, an innovative global service provider, once again showcased its innovative services to accelerate the empowerment of domestic and international customers for achieving high-quality development.



The 134th Canton Fair boasts a total exhibition area of 1.55 million square meters, 74,000 booths, and 55 exhibition zones, with participation from 28,533 companies, all of which are historical highs. Since its commencement, the Canton Fair has expanded its "circle of friends," with over 98,000 overseas buyers from more than 200 countries in attendance, reflecting the global business community's positive outlook and confidence in China's foreign trade.


The Canton Fair serves as the "Bridge of Trade" connecting Chinese enterprises with the world, and TradeAider, as a permanent participant, has consistently played an integral role. This year, TradeAider focused on enhancing supply chain resilience, efficiency, and introduced innovative services such as MyQC, WeGuarantee, NoFake and WeFinance, garnering significant attention from both domestic and international clients.



In the backdrop of global economic challenges, the trend in the trade industry is to enhance supply chain quality and cost-effectiveness. TradeAider, with its innovative model, comprehensive trade service ecosystem, a vast on-site support team of over 80,000 professional quality control (QC) personnel, and advanced digital technology applications, has made significant contributions to helping trade and manufacturing enterprises increase orders, reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and improve quality. The company has already served more than 40,000 corporate clients in over 100 countries and regions worldwide.



To meet the growing international service demands, TradeAider is accelerating its overseas market expansion strategy. For instance, in the case of MyQC Service, TradeAider has established branch overseas offices and QC service teams in various Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, as well as major manufacturing nations such as India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. These services cater to a wide range of industries, including textiles, electronics, groceries, and machinery. With competitive pricing at just $219 per person-day, global customers can access professional services at their fingertips through the TradeAider app, ensuring higher efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


This strategic implementation further benefits emerging markets, creating business opportunities for more trade partners and fostering mutually beneficial cooperation and growth.


In just one phase, TradeAider has received hundreds of clients from over 60 countries and regions, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Italy, Portugal, Argentina, Australia, South Korea, Russia, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iraq, Georgia, Egypt, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil, Peru, and many more. These interactions resulted in the intention to cooperate from 232 clients.



For instance, Anthony, an electronics and electrical equipment buyer from the United States, found TradeAider to be a practical and convenient trade service platform. It meets their various quality requirements during the procurement process, such as supplier qualification checks, large-scale quality inspections, and monitoring, helping them save time and costs while improving efficiency and effectiveness.



Jane & Shaun, buyers of machinery and electrical equipment from the United Kingdom, were impressed by the TradeAider App's convenience, quick and precise matching of MyQC Service, and the unified, all-inclusive pricing for national coverage. They expressed their interest in potential collaboration in their upcoming procurement activities.



James, a consumer goods buyer from South Korea, expressed keen interest in TradeAider's MyQC Service, particularly the service coverage and timeliness in China and Southeast Asia. He highlighted the challenges faced in maintaining standardized quality and stability across their supplier factories in both regions and hoped that TradeAider's services could enhance their supplier quality control efficiency and standards.



In this edition of the Canton Fair, TradeAider continues its three-phase presence at the exhibition, welcoming trade partners from around the world for inquiries and negotiations at Booth P40 on the Pearl River Promenade (Phases 1, 2, and 3).