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TradeAider Thrives in The 133rd Canton Fair (Phase 2)

On April 23, the second phase of the 133rd Canton Fair has arrived as scheduled. TradeAider, a third-party digital service platform for global trade, is thriving in the Fair.


After three years, the Canton Fair has fully restarted and the long-accumulated trade enthusiasm has been reignited. Since its launch, TradeAider’s innovative services such as the WeSource/TradeAider Global Apparel Sourcing Exhibition Halls, MyQC and WeGuarantee, Sell-in-China, etc., connect both buyers and sellers in international trade, help them reduce trade costs, ensure product quality and expand sales markets, which has received great reputation.

Germany Customer  KLINSMAN

A brand buyer, mainly purchasing sports leisure apparel and accessories, etc


KLINSMAN from Germany is the purchasing manager of a sports and leisure brand company. Before the Canton Fair, he received an invitation from Boris, TradeAider’s German business director, so he came to the booth to learn more about WeSource, Sell-in-China and WeGuarantee services. He appreciated TradeAider’s services to solve cross-border procurement difficulties in all aspects and said that he would go to TradeAider’s offline showroom in Hamburg, Germany as scheduled to see samples and select styles. He hopes to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with TradeAider in connecting with high-quality supplier resources.

American Customer TOM LEE

A retail purchaser, mainly purchasing men’s and women’s clothing and home products.


We also have customer TOM LEE, from the United States, he was excited to learn about TradeAider’s WeSource and WeGuarantee services. He said that these two services helped him find high-quality manufacturers and guarantee the quality of the products. He is happy to know that TradeAider will also open an offline showroom in Los Angeles,exhibiting new products from quality Chinese suppliers all year round. He likes the efficient model of being able to see, touch and place orders offline. He also enthusiastically said that he will come again during the third phase of the Canton Fair to have in-depth discussions with TradeAider on further cooperation.

French Customer  M.TANG

A brand buyer mainly purchase clothing, accessories and peripheral gifts


M TANG, a customer from France, came specifically to learn about WeGuarantee and online QC services. They operate several clothing brands in France and are very optimistic about China’s supply chain advantages, but often encounter unstable quality output from suppliers during procurement. He believes that TradeAider’s two services are very suitable for them and are very competitive in terms of cost and efficiency. He hopes to start cooperation as soon as possible. He also expressed great interest in TradeAider’s overseas offline showrooms and WeSource services, hoping to find more high-quality suppliers through these services in the future.

Brazil Customer  Mr. U

A wholesale retailer mainly purchase consumer goods and electronic and electrical products


Mr U from Brazil was very interested in MyQC and WeSource services. In recent years, the Brazilian market for consumer goods and electronic appliances has been increasing rapidly.

The demand and quality requirements for new products such as LED, washing machine and dryer are also increasing. Mr U wanted to find the cost-effective inspection service. He is shocked that the minimum service cost of TradeAider was only 142 USD/person day. He hoped that TradeAider can expand the coverage of its WeSource service to help him find premium and competitive electronics manufacturers.

Turkey Customer  Salim

A wholesale retailers mainly purchase building materials, decorative supplies etc.


At the Canton Fair, TradeAider also met some old friends. Mr. SK, from Turkey, made a special trip to our booth, and thanked our help. He said that TradeAider's unique business model enables him to provide service continuously even during the Covid-19 pandemic. “TradeAider’s services are professional and thoughtful, so that I’m very happy to let TradeAider to ensure the quality my products”, said Mr. SK.

In this canton fair, the international influence of TradeAider is constantly rising. Under the enthusiastic service of the on-site staff, TradeAider could gather more global customers with high quality and efficiency.


Until now, TradeAider has received visitors from Germany, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, Australia, South Korea, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Singapore, New Zealand, Croatia, Estonia, Denmark, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia and Serbia. Nearly 1,000 customers from more than 80 countries and regions visited our booth , and 446 prospective customers have been reached.


Italian Customer


Pakistan Customer


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TradeAider is thriving in The 133rd Canton Fair. TradeAider will continue to provide professional and enthusiastic services to welcome the arrival of global trading partners at Booth P40 (Phase 3) on the Pearl River Promenade in Area A of the Canton Fair Complex.