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What Are the Inspection Processes Conducted by the Third-party Inspection Agency?

When it comes to third-party inspection, many people may not be familiar with it. In fact, the so-called third-party inspection, also known as impartial inspection, is an objective existence that can be independent of the subject and can also have some connections with the subject. The subject mainly has two parts. So, what are the certification procedures for 3rd-party inspection agencies?

What is a third-party inspection agency?

Formally, people refer to third-party inspection as third-party impartial inspection. In general, it serves as a third party outside of the buy-sell interests. The common 3rd-party inspection agencies include specialized supervisory inspection agencies. The existence of this role needs to adhere to the principles of fairness and reliability, and conduct inspection of the contract for the goods in a non-party capacity, subject to compliance with the law.

The third-party inspection industry is closely related to our lives and involves many fields, including industrial, agricultural, daily consumer goods manufacturing, mining, electronics and electrical industries, pharmaceutical industry, etc. When we buy gold jewelry, the manufacturer's inspection certificate helps consumers to quickly and effectively distinguish the authenticity and attributes of the products. Jewelry companies also prove the authenticity of their products in this way. In daily life, many products we buy come with similar inspection reports.

The recognition process of 3rd-party inspection agencies

Write an application. What is needed is an application, and there are several things to note when filling out the application. The cover of the application should include several contents, including the agency name. The agency name refers to the proof of the legal status of the laboratory, and the agency's official stamp should be affixed after completing the fill-in. In addition to the agency name, there are also competent departments, mainly consisting of two types: administrative competent departments and industry competent departments. These departments also need to be approved by the provincial quality and technical supervision bureau before affixing the official stamp. Introduce the laboratory overview, including the name and address of the laboratory. It is important to note that the laboratory name must be the same as the cover name, and the address must be the same as the residence on the business license of the enterprise.

Finally, we need to fill in the name of the recognition project. Given the existence of different fields, it is necessary to distinguish the name of the agency, whether it is home electrical appliances or food or engineering, to facilitate the recognition process.