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What Kind of Position Does the Brand Agent Occupy in China's Clothing Industry?

Clothing brand sales agents are actually brand franchises, which are very popular in Europe, America, Japan and other countries. It is also the main way for international clothing brands to enter the Chinese market.

1. How international brands enter the Chinese market? (selling goods to china)

International brands dealing with China are divided into three parts: first, purchase, so-called purchase, because Chinese products are of high quality and low price; second, production, because China has cheap and abundant labor; third, sell in China. The first two steps are relatively easy, while the third part faces more problems. It is necessary to understand the distribution system of Chinese fashion products, the purchasing habits of Chinese consumers, and the cultural traditions of China, which are different from those in Europe. This is the most important part of the trilogy, also the hardest.

2. International brand classification that enters into China (types of clothing companies looking for rep)

Foreign brands entering China can be divided into two categories. One is the powerful international brand enterprises, such as the French LVMH group, PPR group or PRADA group, etc. With strong financial support and media bombardment, such enterprises or brands can enter the Chinese market by themselves; in the mid-range Chain store brands in the field, such as ZARA, H&M, etc., these brands have strong marketing capabilities and financial strength, and they are also direct investment type market entry; the second is a large number of European and American fashion brand enterprises, such brands exist in large numbers in Europe and the United States, they They are unique in brand building and hope to expand in the Chinese market, but most of them are small and medium-sized enterprises with limited funds and expansion capabilities. It is impossible to directly invest in the Chinese market, and they can only find partners in China. This is the main type of cooperation between Chinese clothing sales enterprises and foreign enterprises in the future.

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