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Why Choose a Third-party Quality Inspection Company?

10 Nov , 2022

In recent years, with the opening of national policies, China's inspection and testing industry has maintained a rapid development momentum; the number of institutions and laboratories has continued to increase, and the industry has gradually become market-oriented. However, at present, China's testing institutions still have problems such as generally small scale, scattered layout, many barriers, and low market concentration. So why choose an authoritative third-party quality inspection company with reasonable price and high-quality service for your own products?

Ⅰ. Why choose third-party quality inspection companies to serve?

1. Enjoy preferential policies related to enterprises: Many laboratory institutions have dual qualifications of CMA and CNAS, and are software product registration and testing service organizations recognized by provincial software industry authorities. The software product test reports issued can be applied to software products Registration tax refund, two-year exemption and three-year half tax refund for software companies, value-added tax refund for software products and related tax preferential policies for enterprises. At the same time, software product registration testing is also one of the important links required for high-tech enterprise identification, double-software evaluation, enterprise application for fund projects, and system integration qualifications.

2. Third-party quality inspection services companies are more professional: As the saying goes: "There are specialties in the art industry." With the continuous development of information technology, third-party quality inspection companies are more professional than the built-in testing teams of software development companies, so third-party quality inspection companies are specialized in undertaking testing services. For example, the test environment, test experience and test process are all unmatched by small-scale software test teams.

3. Third-party quality testing companies are more efficient: In order to save manpower and management costs, small software companies often focus their core business on software development, and their capabilities in software testing are very weak. This is extremely unfavorable for software detection and repair problems, so in order to effectively solve such problems. Therefore, companies or individuals in need can choose a third-party quality testing company. Such a testing agency can save time and effort for the company, and has a very high cost performance.

Ⅱ. Choose a third-party quality inspection company

However, there are still some third-party quality inspection companies on the market that have not obtained inspection qualifications. The third-party software test reports issued by such organizations are difficult to be credible and authoritative when used as proof materials for tax refund declarations or other technological projects. Therefore, when choosing a third-party quality inspection company, enterprises should first choose qualified units, and the third-party test reports issued by such institutions are more likely to be recognized by relevant competent authorities.