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Why Choose Third-party Quality Inspection Service?

Ⅰ. Why choose a third-party inspection company for quality inspection services?

Choosing a third-party inspection company to inspect products can avoid delays in delivery and product defects, and take emergency and remedial measures at the first time; it can reduce or avoid consumer complaints, returns and exchanges caused by receiving inferior products. Loss of goods and business reputation; inspection of products to ensure product quality, greatly reducing the risk of compensation due to the sale of inferior products; inspection of products before shipment to verify the quality and quantity of goods to avoid contracts disputes; third-party inspection companies can assess and compare suppliers, obtain relevant information and suggestions, and allow customers to choose the best supplier; reduce the high management and labor costs that customers spend on monitoring and inspecting products.

Ⅱ. Common inspection rules for third-party quality inspection services

1. Check the order to understand what goods are to be inspected and what are the main points of the inspection.

2. If the factory is far away or in a special emergency situation, the inspector should write down the order number, item number, mark content, mixed packing method, etc. on the inspection report in detail, so as to check after obtaining the order, and bring back the sample to company to confirm.

3. Contact the factory in advance to grasp the real situation of the goods and avoid running empty, but if this happens, you should write down the incident on the report and check the actual production situation of the factory.

4. If the factory puts the empty cartons in the middle of the cartons of the ready goods, this is an obvious deceit, and the report will describe the incident in detail.

5. The number of major or minor defects must be within the acceptable range of AQL. If the number of defects is on the edge of acceptance or rejection, expand the sample size to get a more reasonable ratio. If you are hesitant between accepting and rejecting, please hand over to the company for processing.

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