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Why Do We Need 3rd-Party Inspection Agencies?

In the current competitive and rapidly growing market, inspection such as apparel inspection services has been widely applied in various business areas to ensure that the end user's product is not rejected. Therefore, to ensure consistency in product quality, the entire business department extensively adopts product inspection to maintain consistency in product quality, reduce waste costs, and respond to market challenges. In the entire business, various inspections are carried out, including raw material inspection, process inspection, final inspection, product functional inspection, and other inspections performed by manufacturers or witnessed by customers, depending on the type of contract agreement between suppliers and customers. There is no limitation on the type of inspection, which depends entirely on customer requirements.

The need for the third-party inspection agency

In the current economic market conditions, market competition is very intense, and customers have higher requirements for product quality and cost. Now, the continuous reduction in product costs is a major challenge for the industry, as they have fixed infrastructure, raw material, and resource costs - so manufacturers or buyers prefer to outsource inspections and testing to qualified professionals or testing agencies who have specific domain expertise within a specified period of time.

These qualified professional agencies are called 3rd-party inspection agencies. They are an independent organization with no relationship with either the supplier or buyer and can conduct inspections according to the requirements of either the supplier or buyer within the specified timeframe and provide inspection reports to their clients (buyers or suppliers).

By assigning inspection work, 3rd-party inspection agencies, including third-party quality assurance services, can reduce fixed infrastructure costs, resource costs, and other related costs. At the same time, they can obtain qualified independent agency product inspections at the most competitive cost within the specified timeframe. Considering these facts, now suppliers or buyers extensively use 3rd-party inspection agencies to inspect their products, while reducing product costs and improving product reliability.

What is 3rd-party inspection?

When the inspection is performed by independent qualified professionals, it is called 3rd-party inspection. Inspection agencies that have obtained ISO 17020 certification from any reputable certification agency perform 3rd-party inspections on their clients based on agreed terms and conditions. Typically, suppliers or buyers choose recognized 3rd-party inspection agencies to inspect their products because their professional expertise is verified by accredited organizations, and the inspection agency maintains the high level of capability of their inspection engineers to meet compliance. In addition, third-party inspections performed by 3rd-party inspection agencies have higher credibility - due to their domain expertise, independent, and impartial inspection services.