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Why TradeAider

Why Choose TradeAider

  • An innovative business model based on the Founder's profound experience in global trade and manufacturing for nearly 30 years. The strong industry background of the Founder plus 12 years of persistent efforts and practice in combining digital tools with the trade industry has created TradeAider's revolutionary one-stop total trade solution to effectively solve all the problems concerned and increase sales and profit of the brand owners and buyers.

  • As the potential buyer for the products of your brand(s) produced in China, TradeAider is always ready to place our orders and sell the products in China once authorized to help these brands enter the huge China market, increasing the sales, profit, and brands value greatly.

  • As your smart China office, TradeAider's 70,000 plus professional quality control specialists throughout China (located near the manufacturers),  a strong team of highly experienced merchandisers liaising with the buyers, manufacturers, and TradeAider quality control specialists through the entire production process to ensure the quality of goods, plus the smart order control system called WeGuarantee App for the buyers to monitor and control the entire production process in a completely transparent and efficient way, the veteran buyers to select the salable styles to be sold in China, and the well-established retail platform to sell your products in China, are all ready to give you valuable and cost-effective help.

70,000+ QCs

Professional inspectors in China

10,000+ Registered Clients

Business all over the world

1,000+ Manufacturers

Ready for you to choose

2000+ Cities

Major production area covered in China

Why Choose TradeAider

Your Smart China Office

Your longstanding dream can easily be realized through TradeAider's Sell-in-China Program.


A FREE service to help buyers to find good factories and suppliers to find good buyers through both online and offline ways.


The quality of your products is GUARANTEED by the total quality control throughout the entire production process by TradeAider's QCs, merchandisers and the smart WeGuarantee App for order control.


A cost-effective and transparent service to provide quality inspection, factory audit, container loading supervision in combination with the MyQC App.


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