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Why TradeAider?

Why TradeAider?

• TradeAider's foundation is built upon the founder's unwavering mission to simplify and enhance the profitability of the sourcing industry for apparel & textiles products and other related categories through comprehensive sourcing services. Grounded in this philosophy, TradeAider offers its holistic services to assist buyers worldwide.

• The challenges we currently confront are formidable: a rapidly changing world, a volatile supply chain, imbalances in information, escalating travel expenses, and constraints due to company closures, impacting both large corporations and SMEs. Addressing these challenges mandates supply chain restructuring, business model innovation, and the integration of supply chain digitalization. To ensure survival, we must embrace fresh sourcing strategies, curtail costs, elevate product quality, and optimize profits. In essence, we must embark on a revolutionary transformation of global sourcing.

• So, who is best poised to actualize this transformation? The answer: TradeAider.

• Embrace the TradeAider experience, and unlock a world of inspiring rewards.

Justin Chen interviewed by CCTV (China Central Television) due to his excellence in business model innovation as an
influential entrepreneur
Why TradeAider?

In January 2019, Justin Chen, Founder, President & CEO of TradeAider, was honored as the "2018 China New Economy Annual Leading Figure".

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