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The Importance of Apparel Inspection

1. The significance of apparel inspection

With the change of people's concept of life, casual clothes have already occupied "half of the country" in everyone's wardrobe, and comfortable and convenient clothes have become the first choice for people to dress. Clothing needs to be tested in sales, import and export, and e-commerce industries, and qualified test reports must be provided. Apparel inspection services have very positive implications for consumers, clothing manufacturers for startups and the natural environment.

In February 2018, a brand of children's dresses was recalled because the pH value of the children's dresses exceeded the standard. Excessively high pH value in clothing will irritate human skin, and symptoms such as erythema, wheal, and itching may appear, posing safety hazards. In June of the same year, a certain brand of infant clothing was recalled. The main reason for the recall was that the length of the cords of the infant clothing did not meet the requirements. It may cause entanglement during use by infants and young children, and there is a risk of suffocation.

With the gradual improvement of China's product quality supervision for quality products, in recent years, the quality supervision department's supervision of product quality has gradually changed from post-supervision and spot checks to pre-warning. There are many traditional textile and garment output testing items, but many people don't really care about them. In fact, some items of apparel inspection are crucial to the personal and property safety of consumers, especially infant clothing products, and the inspection and judgment of these items must not be sloppy.

2. The content of apparel inspection

Apparel inspection services for clothing and textiles include peeling strength of clothing adhesive lining, dimensional change in dry heat, appearance and dimensional change after dry cleaning, appearance and dimensional change after washing, fiber content of various fabrics, identification of special animal fibers, pH value, decomposition of aromatic amine dyes, heavy metal ions, formaldehyde content, air permeability, pilling, dimensional change in washing, color fastness to washing, color fastness to rubbing, perspiration resistance, color fastness, color fastness to water, color fastness to ironing, color fastness to light, color fastness to dry cleaning and other test items.

For apparel inspection, the most direct way for consumers to purchase clothing is to pay attention to the Chinese label of the product, to see if the product name, specification, composition, maintenance method, implementation standard, importer, etc. are clearly marked, and to see the tag and washing machine. Are the labels consistent. At the same time, you can also smell the "taste" of the product. If you find a pungent odor, there may be risks such as formaldehyde residue and pH value exceeding the standard, it is best not to buy it.