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Choose Qualified Third-party Inspection Services

Many people are not very clear why the test report processing needs a third-party inspection service in China. Many people think that the test report is provided by the manufacturer, but it is not. Testing of products requires different laboratories, so there are many such third-party inspection services in China. So what is the role of third-party inspection services?

1. What are the reports of third-party inspection services?

The third party is not a manufacturer, a manufacturer, or a seller, but an institution that issues a report, and a party outside the interests of the sale, called a third party. The third party is a laboratory authorized by CNAS/CMA. The certificate issued by the seller must not have the credibility of the certificate issued by the third-party testing and certification agency. The report of the third party inspection quality assurance services will give priority to the trust of consumers.

2. Why do you need to choose qualified third-party inspection services?

Many people who have opened an online store know that the portal website currently controls the quality of products very strictly. If a product wants to settle in, it needs to provide a quality inspection report of the product. Taking Tmall Mall as an example, if you enter Tmall, you need to submit a Tmall quality inspection report, and the quality inspection report also needs to meet Tmall's requirements. The chapters of CNAS and CMA on the report should be complete.

In order to promote the new commercial civilization of openness, transparency, sharing and responsibility in major shopping malls, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of users, a third-party certification agency with CNAS and CMA qualifications is specially entrusted to test and certify the products of the mall merchants. The product quality inspection report can comprehensively and objectively reflect the quality information of the product, and is generally completed by a professional third-party inspection service independent of the supply and demand sides (the organization must have two qualification certificates of CNAS and CM). Professional third-party inspection services are relatively independent and impartial, and are qualified to issue fair data (inspection reports) to the society.

3. Is the quality inspection report of third-party inspection services the same everywhere?

There are the same and different. The cost of the quality inspection report handled by different institutions is the same, but the test standards are the same. There are also fake reports in the market. These institutions need to pay attention. The price will be lower, far lower. Due to the industry price, these are likely to be false reports. You need to keep your eyes open and find a third-party inspection service with authorized qualifications to handle it.

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