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NoFake Service

What's the Problem?

Illegal extra quantity

If you placed an order with a factory to produce 10,000 pcs products under your brand name, the factory does it. However, in the meantime they produced an extra quantity of say 5,000 pcs without getting your permits, and sell these products through their own channels.

Illegal copy

Some people produce counterfeits of your brand.

What's the Solution?

TradeAider inspectors conduct on-site factory independent trace to the source verification, select and seal test samples, send the sealing sample to the lab for testing, and supervise the labels to be applied to the products. Therefore, any products without TradeAider Anti-counterfeit labels will be considered counterfeits.

SINOAC is a third-party information service platform under the China Trade Association for Anti-counterfeiting and the Office of the National Leading Group on the Fight Against IPR Infringement and Counterfeiting. It is authoritative, impartial, and credible.

How Do We Do It?

As a professional quality inspection agency, we offer:

1. On-site inspection & verification

2. Select samples & send them to the lab for testing

3. Supervise the labels to be applied to the products

4. All the information on Anti-counterfeit & Trace to the Source will be uploaded onto SINOAC

5. Blockchain data safekeeping by Notary Office for the verification

What are the benefits?

  • The consumer can then enjoy easy verification of your products just by scanning the label.

  • Your interests are protected, and your sales and profit will be increased.

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