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Frequently Asked Questions

TradeAider FAQs
As an importer, retailer, or brand owner of apparel and textile products in the post-pandemic era, what challenges are we confronting with?

• A rapidly evolving world

• An unstable supply chain

• Information asymmetry

• Rising travel costs and restrictions

• The closure of companies, both large corporations and SMEs

In response, what steps can we take?

• Restructuring the supply chain

• Innovating the business model

• Implementing supply chain digitalization

How can we ensure survival?

• Embrace novel sourcing strategies

• Reduce costs

• Enhance product quality

• Maximize profits

In summary: Initiate a revolutionary transformation in global sourcing.

What’s the solution?

• An innovative global service provider that aids buyers in thriving and advancing through a revolutionary business model, coupled with a transparent and efficient digitization of the worldwide supply chain.

• This service provider offers buyers comprehensive one-stop services, ranging from being a strategic sole agent under a turnkey contract to providing various individual services such as quality guarantees, sourcing, payments, and retailing in new markets.

Who is TradeAider?

An innovative global service provider that assists buyers in attaining the objectives of cost reduction, quality enhancement, and margin expansion. This is achieved not only for survival but also for improved growth. This is accomplished through its creative services, including WeContract, WeGuarantee, WeSource, MyShow, Sell-in-World, MyQC, WeFinance and NoFake, among others.

Why TradeAider?

· The mission and vision of Justin Chen, the Founder, are founded upon his 30 years of experience in global trade and manufacturing of apparel and textile products, as well as his 13 years of expertise in pioneering revolutionary business models and digitizing the global supply chain.

· There are 80,000 quality controllers located worldwide, spanning regions such as China, South East Asian countries, Indian Subcontinent countries, Europe, North America, Africa, and more. Among these, more than 20,000 are specialized in overseeing apparel and textile products.

· Verifications have been conducted by TradeAider on over 3,000 factories globally, spanning regions such as China, South East Asian countries, Indian Subcontinent countries, Europe, North America, Africa, and more. The number of verified factories is increasing every day.

· The digitalization of the global supply chain is exemplified by the TradeAider App and several other companion Apps.

· A robust team of highly experienced merchandisers collaborates with buyers, manufacturers, and TradeAider Quality Control Specialists throughout the entire production process, utilizing the TradeAider App to ensure the quality of goods.