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Basic Requirements for Third-party Quality Inspection Companies

03 Apr , 2023

3rd-party inspection is the activity of checking or reviewing and testing conducted by a third-party organization. The organization is certified and authorized to provide explicit resolutions that prove the compliance of the goods purchased by the buyer. The main objective of third-party inspection is to examine whether products or services comply with international standards, regulations, and other technical specifications required by customers. The inspection process is often highly technical, and third-party inspection service providers need to double their efforts to closely monitor technical controls, testing, inspection, and evaluation to complete the entire process. It is worth noting that third-party inspection service providers never participate in the process of designing, acquiring, manufacturing, building, installing goods, and accessories.

Understand the basic requirements of third-party quality inspection companies

Usually, all companies cannot work as third-party inspection agencies. Here, it is important that they meet three basic requirements, otherwise they will not be able to play a role in this category. Basic features include:


Third-party quality inspection companies must be independent of all dependencies. They must never be involved in the entire process of manufacturing, delivering or purchasing goods and services. The professionals working for third-party inspection agencies must comply with ISO17020 standards - operational requirements for all types of institutions performing inspections.


Indeed, quality inspectors cannot be unqualified or non-compliant. He must have a complete understanding of all standard specifications as well as the technology involved in manufacturing goods or products.


This is another important feature that most third-party quality inspection companies must meet. When inspecting finished products that buyers/importers should buy and take away, they must be 100% fair, and if they do not fulfill their duties unfairly, their work will be affected.

Why should companies consider hiring 3rd-party inspection services?

In terms of inspection and guaranteeing quality control and assurance, business owners must be more willing to seek out, contact, and hire experts who may have mature skills and achievements in this field. Inspecting goods produced only means that the products have been thoroughly inspected before they are shipped to the buyer's location. Choosing 3rd-party inspection and third-party quality assurance services to complete all the regulations mentioned in current legal books is necessary, and no one can deny this.

When do you need to hire third-party quality inspection company services?

In the opinion of experts providing third-party inspection services, choosing third-party quality inspection companies, such as footwear quality inspection companies, has become the only choice. Some of these choices are as follows: when the buyer prefers to hire or work with new manufacturers/suppliers; when the buyer begins to notice quality problems with delivered goods/products; repeated complaints about the quality of delivered products; when purchasing complex items, such as high-end electronic products or industrial equipment.