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Trademark Registration

A service to protect the IPR (intellectual property rights) for overseas fashion brands to trade in the Chinese market through the Sell-in-China program. TradeAider will help foreign brands participating in the Sell-in-China Program register trademark in China. In this way, the interests of these brands will be strictly protected. Any infringement of IPR, such as counterfeiting, illegal copying of designs, etc. will be punished by law. The application is simple, as long as the documents are well prepared, like the original trademark certification and letter of authorization. It takes around 2 to 3 months to complete the trademark registration in China.

How Can TradeAider Help Solve Counterfeit Problems?

To distinguish between genuine and counterfeit goods and to ensure that consumers can easily identify them, TradeAider will apply special anti-counterfeiting stickers on each genuine unit. With just a quick scan of the label through a mobile phone, consumers will see all the information concerning the authenticity of the products, like the manufacturer's name and site, the time of inspection, and the application of anti-counterfeit labels. All the data are secured by blockchain technology and notarized by the Public Notary Office.

Any counterfeit product without the anti-counterfeit label will be easily identified by the government and sanctioned by law. Consumers will not buy counterfeits as they know how to recognize them. In this way, the problem of counterfeiting can be well prevented and your interests are fully protected.

How Does Trademark Registration Work?

If you want to join the TradeAider’s Sell-in-China program, TradeAider strongly recommends that you register trademarks in China to protect your IPR (intellectual property rights). TradeAider can help apply on your behalf. Trademark registration takes about 2 to 3 months. Once done, your interests will be protected by the Trademark Law of the People's Republic of China, and any infringement of your intellectual property rights will be considered an illegal act and punishable by law.

Sample of Trademark Certificates in China

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